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One of a kind BJD in French Style named Sonia. Fullset. From my brand new 14″ Art BJD Doll Collection Sonia is made using the finest and smothest doll material - flumo with textile belly and thighs for pleasant touches. Body with 11 articulation points with leather lining on...

She is sitting and waiting patiently. And watching without reproach, but I know what she is thinking about. She wants to go. Sonya has a nomadic soul, so, it doesn't matter where, just to be on the road. In my turn, I have a lot of ideas how to complement her image
Today is a very important day for me - The Birth of Venus! Doll creation with your own hands - its unreal Space! Girls, who were near me in that moment of miracle - thank you for everthing! For your friendly advice and warm company, you're incredible and very talanted!